English Studies: Language trains the students in the theoretical and  practical aspects of language use. It includes courses on language study, approaches to a College English Program, and integrative studies in language and literature.

Course Checklists

Course Offerings (Undergraduate and Graduate)

100 Study of the English Language: The linguistic, psychological, and sociological nature of English.
102 Development of the English Language: History and structure of the English language.
104 Levels of English Language Use: A study of the different varieties of English and levels of English use in both global and local contexts.
116 English Phonology and Morphology: Essentials of English sounds and word structures.



Language Theory and Language Awareness: A survey of major theories and schools of thought that influenced the English language.

English Phonology and Morphology: Essentials of English sounds and word structures.

English Syntax: Essentials of English sentence structures.

118 English Semantics: Meaning and relations between words and larger grammatical units.
119 English Discourse: A study of spoken and written English above the sentence level with emphasis on the features of language in context.
120 Stylistics: Application of linguistic methods to literary study.
157 English for the Professions: Theory and practice of writing in the professions.
191 Approaches to a College English Program: Concepts and problems in college English under a general education program.
199 Research (Language).
200 Undergraduate Thesis
201 Introduction to Old English: A beginning study of the history of the English language and principles of linguistic development.
204 History of the English Language: The development of the English language from its Indo-European origins to the present.
205 The Structure of English: Phonology and Morphology: Generative semantic study of English phonology and morphology.
206 The Structure of English: Syntax.
207 Advanced Semantics.
208 Discourse Analysis.
210 Language and Literature.
260 Variation of Native and Non-Native English.
261 Critical Survey of Language Theories.
262 Problems in Rhetoric.
263 Textual Analysis.
290 Sociolinguistics and Literature.
295 Colloquium: Contemporary Issues and Problems in Language and Literature in the Philippine Setting.
298 Directed Readings.
299 Bibliography and Methods of Library Research.
300 Master’s Thesis.
305 Seminar: Language and Cognition.
310 Seminar: English Language and Culture.
311 Seminar: Language and Gender.
315 Seminar: Semiotics.
316 Seminar: Language Theories. Language theories as they relate to the study of the English language and literatures.
317 Seminar: Pragmatics.
320 Seminar: Discourse Stylistics and the Media.
325 Seminar: Hermeneutics.
335 Seminar: Critique of Philippine Literary Works in English Translation.
356 Seminar: Rhetorical Theory.
357 Seminar in Language and Literature.
399 Research.
400 Doctoral Dissertation.