The Aguilar-San Juan (ASJ) scholarship grant is sponsored by renowned Filipino academics, Dr. Epifanio San Juan Jr. and Dr. Delia Aguilar, who have been recognized for their contributions to the fields of Philippine literature and Women’s Studies respectively. The grant is awarded based on the applicant’s financial need and on the scholars’ good academic standing or talent in areas related to language and literature. The ASJ scholarship grant was first offered in 2018 to two scholars, and there are currently five ASJ scholars.
This 2021, two more slots have been opened. While current scholars receive a grant benefit of P30,000 per semester, renewable until their graduation, new scholars, from September 2021, will receive a grant benefit of Php 40,000 per semester. There is currently a call to fill these two slots. Inquiries and applications may be sent to Dr. Maria Lorena M. Santos (

Guidelines for AY 2021-2022 scholars

Grant benefit*: Each new scholar from 2021 will receive a grant benefit of Php 40,000 a semester, renewable until the recipient’s graduation.
Please download and read the application form for more details about the supporting documents needed. In brief, an applicant should…
  1. Be at least a 2nd year regular undergraduate DECL student,
  2. Have a GWA of 2.0 or better* and have no grades below 3.0 or INCs,                                                              (Note: Consideration will be given to applicants who do not meet this grade requirement but who can demonstrate both need and special skills/talents/abilities as attested to by recommendations from former teachers), and
  3. Have registered for a regular load every semester.
  4. Be able to present proof of financial need as specified in the application form.

Please email applications to with all the supporting documents listed in the application form.

Deadline: September 30, 2021

Download the ASJ Scholarship application form here.


a. Item number 6 (medical certificate) in the application form’s list of requirements has been waived due to quarantine constraints;

b. To fill out the PDF form, you can use your own PDF editor or free online services like PDFescape