The UP Department of English and Comparative Literature’s alumni have been instrumental in shaping discourse, policy, and culture at the national, regional, and local levels. Among them are leading academics, influential politicians, writers, media practitioners, environmentalists, game and app designers, online media content creators, and people who have pursed careers in a variety of fields such as law, business, finance, and medicine.

The earliest arguments in Philippine literary theory featured alumni like Salvador P. Lopez and E. San Juan. That tradition of critical thought has continued through to the likes of Resil B. Mojares, Caroline Hau, and Neferti Tadiar, and on to our latest graduates who are studying popular culture and new forms of literature.

The department’s roster of artists is equally impressive. National Artists Alejandro Roces, Edith Tiempo, Nick Joaquin, Jose Garcia Villa, NVM Gonzalez, and Francisco Arcellana are all alumni.  One of the country’s most important film directors, Ishmael Bernal, and one of the most celebrated theater directors, Anton Juan, are also graduates of the department.  Among the celebrated and award-winning writers from the department are Gémino Abad, Butch Dalisay, Rony Diaz, Gina Apostol, Kris Lacaba, and Faye Ilogon.

In the realm of government and politics are figures like Jose Abad Santos, Jose Ma. Sison, and Francis Pangilinan. Graduates of the department have also been congressmen, local officials, high-ranking members of the bureaucracy as well as key players in non-governmental organizations.

No matter what path they choose after their studies, graduates of the DECL are equipped with the training and skills to succeed and to make a difference in their fields.