Comparative Literature stresses the use of Philippine and Southeast Asian Cultures as matrix for comparative studies in literary theory, gender studies, etc. It encourages the study of works in the original language and simultaneously promotes translation as an access to other cultures. Its cross-cultural, intertextual approach to the various national/regional literatures enriches the student’s encounter with varied cultural texts.

Creative Writing offers training in various approaches and techniques in the writing of fiction, poetry, essay, and drama. These courses are taught by multi-awarded and published writers expert at honing the skills of young writers.

English Studies: Language trains the students in the theoretical and practical aspects of language use. It includes courses on language study, approaches to a College English Program, and integrative studies in language and literature.

English Studies: Literature (undergraduate) / Anglo-American Literature (graduate) focuses on studies in British and American literatures within the contexts of historical, cultural, and literary developments in Britain and in the United States. Likewise offered are studies in the writings of women and of cultural/ethnic minority groups (e.g., Asian-American).