The Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) of the University of the Philippines has been the country’s premier English department for more than a century. It is a leading institution in the fields of English language instruction, literary and cultural studies, and creative writing.

The faculty members of the DECL are distinguished educators and researchers recognized for their teaching and scholarship, and writers of essays, fiction, poetry, and drama who have received national and international recognition. They have produced a great body of scholarship in literary and cultural studies including folklore, language and literature, ethnicity, discourse on women, and a cross-section of world literatures as well as creative works in both English and Filipino.

The DECL’s mission is to facilitate University access to the mainstreams of knowledge, to showcase the Filipino’s intellectual heritage and culture to the world, and to turn out graduates whose high level of English proficiency, excellent communication skills, and solid literary foundation will give them a significant edge in their respective professions.

The DECL has been certified by the Commission of Higher Education as a Center of Excellence in English and a Center of Excellence in Literature.